Positive aspects of Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring will final more than one hundred years, as well as the finish is usually effortlessly renewed when needed. Just obtaining wood floors increases the value of the home.

Not too lengthy ago, the only choice you had was the old-fashioned solid wood tongue and groove strips in maple or oak. Right now, wood flooring is often planks from old barns, exotic woods, pre-finished engineered wood strips which do away with the dust and disruption of finishing on site. You even can have wood laminate flooring, which isn’t wood, but appears like wood at a considerably lower price.

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Solid WOOD FLOORING – Strong wood floors, although stunning, can not be applied everywhere. They have to be nailed to a sub-floor. This makes strong wood unsuitable for use directly over concrete.

Adding a sub-floor among the concrete along with the wood flooring may well result in a height issue where the floor meets an adjoining area. Moisture causes wood to expand, so it’s not appropriate in basements. Humidity can lead to squeaking and buckling.

The trend appears to become for property owners to purchase wood flooring having a factory-applied finish. This eliminates dust from sanding, fumes from finishing, and waiting prior to the floor can be walked on. One more benefit is that the factory finishes are usually a lot tougher than the polyurethane applied inside the field.

The downside of pre-finishing is the fact that given that that floor doesn’t get sanded soon after it really is installed, you will find slight bumps and dips where the sub-floor is not completely level, and where the flooring strips might differ slightly in thickness.

To hide these misalignments, flooring is accessible with V grooves to ensure that when together, the edges are not touching and it’s complicated to notice any imperfections in alignment. Over time, these V grooves will catch dirt and darken, becoming a prominent feature within the floor. Not my preferred situation.

A different benefit of finishing following installation is that you may possess the floor stained to your liking. If you like the grain of oak, but do not care for the yellowish tone of your wood, it is possible to make it amber, by way of example. A professional finisher will understand how to bring out the organic patina of your wood using boiled linseed oil or tung oil.

Most homeowners have hardwood flooring. You will find also softwoods, like pine and fir, that are really desirable. These will get nicked up over time, but they are meant to be lived on. The additional beat up they get, the much better they look – in particular when you’ve got a country or antique flavor operating via the home. These work specifically properly as wider planks as opposed to the 2 1/2″ strips.

Prices for strong wood flooring differ from $8 to $10 per square foot for widespread species, to over $25 per square foot for the exotic wide variety. This exact same price tag variety applies to engineered wood flooring.

ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORING – The benefit of utilizing engineered wood flooring is that it could be used directly over concrete (for the reason that you don’t need to nail it for the duration of installation), or under grade (because moisture does not bother it as a lot as solid wood). The wood appear comes from a thin veneer of the selected wood, which can be pressed onto many layers of substrate.

This item is available in strips, planks, or panels that appear like planks. It can be nailed down, but is ordinarily installed as a floating floor. This suggests the pieces are glued to each other, but not attached to a sub-floor. This allows the floor to “float” with seasonal climate changes or adjustments in humidity. click for more info: Hand Crafted.


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