Hibernate Vs JDBC Functionality

Concurrency Help

In JDBC there is no check that generally each and every user has updated information this verify must be added by the developer. Hibernate maintains this concurrency check employing a version field.It checks this version field in the database table prior to every single update operation.

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So, if two users retrieve data from the exact same table and modify it and if certainly one of them saves the modification, the version gets updated. Now when the second user tries to save his data hibernate doesn’t permit it since the data he retrieved was modified and his version doesn’t match together with the version in the database.

Caching and Connection Pooling

In JDBC, caching and connection pooling is maintained by hand-coding. Hibernate offers exceptional caching assistance and connection pooling for superior application efficiency.

Transaction Management

In JDBC one has to explicitly handle transaction management inside the code. Hibernate provides injected transaction management.

Programming Overhead

In JDBC 1 has to accomplish a great deal of coding inside the kind of SQL queries to deal with persistent information in database. In Hibernate there is absolutely no require to create code inside the kind of SQL queries to save and retrieve the information, thus reduces programming overhead and development time.

Maintenance Costs

Applications using JDBC include huge amounts of code that handles database persistent data. This code is subjected to alterations whenever there’s a alter in database table structure top to high upkeep expense.

In Hibernate the actual mapping among database tables and program objects is accomplished inside a XML descriptor file. So any changes to a database table will only have to have a transform in the XML file resulting in centralized upkeep and reduction of upkeep charges.

Pinaki Mukherjee

A tenacious and prosperous Application professional with complete project life cycle and consulting experience in real-time and non-real-time finance, telecom and government projects.

An Oracle certified skilled with in depth java expertise and now a certified ScrumMaster. Also skilled in item promotion and pre-sales consulting. company website: Redshift JDBC Driver.


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